Apartment Rentals Plymouth Indiana



Value Properties is the foremost owner of quality rental properties in Plymouth, Indiana. Out Motto is...

"Quality at Affordable Prices"

All of the Value Properties are professionally managed and maintained by dedicated,

experienced, highly competent personnel. We are committed to meeting the commercial and housing needs of our tenants.

Value Properties is the largest and longest standing owner of apartment and office rental properties in the Plymouth, IN area. We have rental properties including commercial, office rentals, apartments located at numerous sites throughout the City of Plymouth, Indiana (see map). Value Properties can suit almost every need from large commercial office rental space to fully furnished studios rentals to two-bedroom

townhouse apartment rentals.
Apartment rentals are priced from $313.00 per month. Commercial office rentals from as low
as 30 cents per square foot per month.

Our Properties:
Skylane Apartments
Pal Apartments
Homestead Apartments
Pal Building (offices and apartments)
Plymouth Building (offices and apartments)
Executive Building (office building)
Webster I, II and III Apartments

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Value Properties is a member, in good standing, of the Plymouth, Indiana Chamber of Commerce (see link below). Value Properties is also a member to the Plymouth Housing Providers Association.

Plymouth Pilot News
Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ancilla College